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Reimagining oil & gas solutions today

With global energy transition efforts toward decarbonization underway, the oil and gas sector faces the challenge of maintaining performance and cost competitiveness while improving its environmental profile. Solugen’s Verza360™ suite of bio-based chemicals helps formulators reduce greenhouse emissions versus traditional chemistries such as phosphonates and EDTA. Using the power of synthetic biology, we’re bringing high performing, cost competitive, climate friendly products to the oilfield chemicals.


  • Provides solutions across a broad range of applications, including iron and scale control, biocide potentiation, and corrosion inhibition

  • Biobased raw materials, biodegradable products, and lowest carbon footprint among incumbent products such as EDTA and phosphonates

  • Locally manufactured using Solugen’s unique and proprietary chemienzymatic process

  • Free of NTA, cyanide, formaldehyde and isocyanate tars

Stimulation & Completion

Iron is well-known to cause several issues in stimulation and completion operations. Effectively controlling or remediating iron and related scales is critical to enhancing acidizing and hydraulic fracturing performance to enable more efficient oil recovery once production begins. Our Verza360 product line offers a range of both single component and customized blend options (winterized and/or synergistic with complementary chemistries) to support these goals.

  • Reduce or substitute volumes of traditional products like acetic acid and citric acid

  • Control iron solids

  • Increase workover efficiency and efficacy

  • Broaden iron selectivity in low - high pH range

  • Achieve higher calcium carbonate solubility than citric acid in acid stimulation

Product Offerings Function Chemistry Form


Chelating agent for iron control Organic acid-based Liquid


Chelating agent for iron control Organic acid-based Liquid


Chelating agent for iron control Organic acid-based blend Liquid


Chelating agent for iron control Organic acid-based blend Liquid

Care for the environment

A recent third party life cycle analysis (LCA) found that Solugen’s unique process, coupled with biogenic uptake of carbon in corn-based products, leads to carbon negative production of our Verza360 products.  The chelant  biodegrades when exposed to the natural environment and can be produced much closer to oilfield activity than traditional alternatives, reducing costs and environmental impacts associated with shipping.  To view the analysis and learn more, please contact us.

Reimagining oil and gas solutions tomorrow

Five percent of specialty chemicals in the United States are used for oil & gas. As the industry transitions to a more sustainable future, it requires greater responsibility in production. Less toxic, more biodegradable solutions than incumbent chemistries are an important factor in the energy transition. Solugen’s chemistries help improve the efficiency of oil and gas extraction, lowering the cost per barrel of production and helping extract more oil per well. Fewer wells, combined with safer chemicals, will reduce the industry’s environmental impact for generations to come.