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Reimagining personal care solutions today

Solugen is leveraging components found in nature to design ingredients with high performance, reduced environmental impact, and cost efficiency. Our AltivTM product line of carbon-negative, bio-based polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) helps improve the texture, appearance, and hydration of skin. Coupled with the unique advantages of a US-based supply chain and consistent quality, this chemistry offers the benefits of being both better for you and better for the planet.


  • Locally manufactured using Solugen’s unique and proprietary
    chemienzymatic process

  • Provides a more favorable greenhouse gas (GHG) emission profile than incumbent chemistries manufactured via petrochemical or fermentation processes

  • Versatile and effective ingredients for personal care products, including creams, serums, lotions, and body or face cleansers

Solutions For

Exfoliator and hydrator

Demand for anti-aging products continues to grow both as the population ages and as younger consumers become more aware of skin treatment options. Yet these consumers also want ingredient transparency and solutions that are gentle and safe. Our AltivTM product line offers ingredients that can act as a mild exfoliator or humectant that is safe for most skin types and works especially well in dry skin care. Generally regarded as gentle due to its combination of exfoliant and humectant properties, AltivTM is a sustainable choice for use in hand, face, and body creams, serums, lotions, and cleansers.


Care for the environment

A recent third party life cycle analysis (LCA) found that Solugen’s unique process, coupled with biogenic uptake of carbon in corn-based products, leads to carbon negative production of our Altiv products. These products offer a superior environmental profile and a bio-based solution to offer exfoliating and humectant properties in personal care solutions. To view the analysis and learn more, please contact us.

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