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Reimagining concrete solutions today

One of the biggest tasks for the admixture industry is to reduce greenhouse gas emission associated with formulations without sacrificing performance.  Our Relox™ line of bio-and organic acid-based concrete admixtures meet performance standards while offering both supply chain ease and an improved environmental profile for concrete producers.


  • Locally produced using Solugen’s unique and proprietary chemienzymatic process

  • Offers consistent high quality and is not produced as a “by-product”

  • Enables lower overall chemical usage, treatment costs, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Solutions For

Water reducers

The Relox™ line of bio-and organic acid-based concrete admixtures provides higher compressive strength than lignosulfate-based alternatives.  Under comparable test conditions, Relox also requires less active product and leads to lower porosity than blends with lignosulfate-based products.

  • Outperforms lignosulfonate-based water reducers while offering lower treatment costs

  • Readily available in liquid form for ease of use as-is or ready-to-mix in formulation

Care for the environment

A recent third party life cycle analysis (LCA) found that Solugen’s unique process, coupled with biogenic uptake of carbon in corn-based products, leads to carbon negative production of our Relox organic acid-based water reducers.  These products offer a superior environmental profile and improved performance benefits over incumbents.  To view the analysis and learn more, please contact us.

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