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Reimagining agriculture solutions today

Solugen is leveraging components found in nature to design ingredients with high performance, reduced environmental impact, and cost efficiency. Our NutriValent™ biodegradable complexing agents are engineered with bio-based materials and exhibit different functionalities for use across a variety of applications in agriculture. Coupled with the unique advantages of a US-based supply chain and consistent quality, these biobased agricultural chemicals are a winning solution for improving plant nutrition.


  • Locally manufactured using Solugen’s unique and proprietary
    chemienzymatic process

  • Provides a more favorable greenhouse
    gas (GHG) emission profile than incumbent chemistries

  • Enables lower treatment costs versus adjacent chemistries

Plant Nutrition

Ensuring a productive crop yield is paramount to agricultural success. NutriValent™ organic acid-based complexing agents transport nutrients through foliar applications to ensure maximum plant nutrition.


  • Enable more efficient nutrient (Zn, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Mo) delivery and uptake

  • Enable lower treatment costs and improve environmental profile versus adjacent chemistries like EDTA and glucoheptonate

  • Offer formulation flexibility with Boron

  • Act as a natural humectant

  • Scavenge other metals

Care for the environment

A recent third party life cycle analysis (LCA) found that Solugen’s unique process, coupled with biogenic uptake of carbon in corn-based products, leads to carbon negative production of our Nutrivalent complexing agents. These products offer a superior environmental profile and improved performance benefits over incumbents to improve plant health, crop yield, and plant resistance to disease and drought. To view the analysis and learn more, please contact us.

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Reimagining agriculture solutions tomorrow

Feeding 8 billion people isn’t easy. As our supply of fresh water and fertile land continues to shrink, and our population continues to grow, efficiency is everything.

Your planet-scale change starts with the chemistry you use every day. We’re decarbonizing molecules to reinvent the way plants absorb essential minerals. It’s the performance your customers demand with a new baseline for climate performance.

By giving the industry a cost effective way to increase production, we help ensure that crops, livestock, and land are kept healthy and nourished, sustainably.

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