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Let’s decarbonize the world

Why Solugen?

Join a world-class team of innovators who are reimagining what’s possible by developing solutions that disrupt markets and revolutionize industries. Solugen is catalyzing planet-scale change, one molecule at a time.

Our Values

Our Values

01 First, Do No Harm

We exist to reverse climate change. In everything we do and for everyone we affect, we are committed to fostering an environment that is intrinsically safe. For us, that means more than avoiding negative impacts — it means actively seeking out ways to make everything we do better.

02 Think Big, Act Now

We understand that solving the climate crisis requires bold and immediate action. We know that perfection is a myth, and we don’t let fear of failure hold us back. In fact, we believe that when things don’t go as expected, it sometimes provides the ultimate opportunity to achieve a better outcome.

03 Delight Customers

Every decision we make is driven by the needs and future success of our customers. Customers will always want something better, and our desire to delight them will drive us to invent. Because it is through them that our business will thrive and scale, enabling us to deliver on our planet-saving mission.

04 Never Stop Growing

A goal as ambitious as ours requires people who never stop seeking ways to improve themselves and those around them. Our work demands — and our culture fosters — a high trust environment where people feel safe to take risks, push each other outside comfort zones, and never stop learning.

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From Poker Tables to Climate Innovators

It was a long-standing poker game that first brought our founders together. Gaurab, getting his MD/PhD, was researching a drug candidate for pancreatic cancer. Sean was a grad student at MIT studying chemical engineering. They wondered if enzymes could be leveraged to improve the chemical manufacturing process, and the rest is history.

Meet the Team

Diverse perspectives are where the best ideas flourish. Our cross-functional team is creating new breakthroughs at the intersection of molecular science, chemical engineering, and materials innovation.

"Working at Solugen is like hitting fast-forward on a grad program. Sure, it's intense, but the chance to dive into different roles keeps things interesting. We're always hustling and learning, but that's what keeps us ahead of the game."
– Andrew Alvarado
"In my role, I sit at the crossroads of sustainable product innovation and bringing value to customers. It's incredibly rewarding to see our solutions translate into real-world benefits."
– Shauheen Noorani
"In my role, I get to collaborate closely with our scientists and engineers to scale up production of cutting-edge products. Each day brings something new, and I get to work on innovations the world has never seen before."
– Adriana Barrios
"Solugen's collaborative environment cultivates a deep trust in each other's expertise, empowering us to contribute our best ideas and drive innovation forward."
– Kenneth Parker
"At Solugen, every day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn. It's inspiring to see our team's dedication to making a difference not only for our planet but also for the communities we serve."
– Avery Schulz

Join the Mission

Passionate about groundbreaking technology and combating climate change? We’re rapidly expanding and looking on the lookout for dynamic, adaptable, and curious individuals to join our team. As a self-starter, you’ll embrace the pace and uncertainty of startup culture – that’s where the best ideas flourish. 

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