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Homegrown Innovation for National Security

Amidst escalating geopolitical complexities, minimizing reliance on overseas sources for critical materials is paramount for national security. Leveraging our deep expertise in sustainable chemical synthesis and a versatile technology platform, Solugen is committed to advancing defense capabilities and catalyzing innovation in the industrial defense sector with our new TactiChem line of products. By bolstering domestic manufacturing capabilities, we aim to eliminate supply chain vulnerabilities, scale up more efficient production processes, and safeguard national security interests.


  • Locally manufactured using Solugen’s proprietary
    chemienzymatic process.

  • Decreases reliance on foreign producers and bolsters domestic capabilities.

  • Provides a more favorable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions profile compared to incumbent industries.


Solugen is pioneering advancements in the defense sector with a domestic, low-carbon manufacturing process for essential precursors of energetic materials. These materials are crucial for military and aerospace applications, offering unparalleled speed, range, and energy release. Our platform’s versatility enables us to continuously expand our range of chemical precursors, enhancing the capabilities and applications of next-generation energetics across various defense sectors.


  • Reliable and sustainable source for critical precursors

  • Accelerated development and deployment of materials

  • Diverse applications to support economies of scale

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