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Decarbonizing the chemicals industry

In 2016, we set out to radically transform the chemicals industry. What started as a pledge to first, do no harm, became a promise to bring clean, sustainable chemistry to every industry and every aspect of modern life. In the years since, we’ve opened the world’s first carbon-negative molecule factory and made plans to build many more across the US; we’ve made scalable synthetic biology a reality, and now we’re bringing high performing, cost competitive, carbon-negative products to the whole world.

Areas of expertise

  • Formulation
  • Application
  • Synthesis
  • Manufacturing
  • Sustainability
  • Enzyme Engineering

See why we started Solugen

Our Values
  • First, do no harm

    As a physician-founded company, we live by the oath we took to first, do no harm. For us, that means not only sustaining the lives of the people around us, but also our planet. That’s why we’ve developed a process that uses bio-based feedstock instead of petroleum, and actively removes carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Think big, start small

    The climate crisis is the single biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. To tackle it, we need to start small: with the invisible building blocks of life. We believe that the molecules we consume and create offer an outsize opportunity to affect change on a global scale.

  • Let biology lead

    When it comes to chemistry and biology, nature has been at this a lot longer than we have. And we have a lot to learn. So we choose to work with the Earth, not against it. Drawing inspiration and insights from the natural world around us, we use life to sustain life.

As we scale, so does our impact

We’ve aligned our success with the environment’s from the outset: the more products we make to support our customers, the more CO2 we remove from the environment, and the healthier we all become. When our customers use our products, they reduce greenhouse gases 3x more than alternative products. And for every 1000 tons of product that is replaced with Solugen products, we save enough energy to power 200 households for an entire year.