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Partner with us

We are pioneering a future-proof and planet-positive way to manufacture life’s essential materials. Together with our partners, we power the growth of a new category of next-generation, carbon-negative molecules–and the businesses that shape a sustainable future for all. Let’s talk about what’s possible.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Solugen. We believe that by understanding and exceeding their needs, we can contribute to their ongoing success. We’re driven by the belief that there’s always room for improvement, and it’s this commitment to innovation that sets us apart.” 

  • Tom Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer

Join the molecular revolution

Meet You Where You Are

Let’s start by supplying you with chemicals you are already using. This allows us to understand your needs and explore additional opportunities for collaboration. We have exclusive distribution agreements in place for a range of products including peroxides, citrates, and more.

Bioforge Products of Today

Explore our line of high-performing, cost-competitive, sustainable solutions. Whether you are currently using a similar product from another source or seeking a better substitute, Solugen’s solutions can meet your unique needs. We are also actively seeking to collaborate on custom formulations or developing new applications.

Build With Us

Embark on a long-term partnership where we work hand in hand to co-create and develop new molecules. From glycols and nylons to amines and beyond, our collaborative approach ensures the innovation of cutting-edge solutions that align with your goals and contribute to a sustainable future.

Decarbonize without compromise


Solugen’s R&D model unites science, engineering, and product development, accelerating the creation of diverse, innovative solutions with a world-class team’s expertise and commitment.

Cost Advantage

Bioforge’s efficiency significantly lowers capital and operational costs. Advanced enzyme engineering and separation techniques yield over 90% efficiency, enabling cost-competitive, high-performance, sustainable products.


Solugen’s products seamlessly integrate into existing systems, ensuring no compromise in performance. Whether replacing, enhancing, or creating, our bio-based innovations deliver exceptional results without sacrificing efficiency.


Our scalable process substantially reduces carbon footprints, achieving carbon-negative or neutral emissions. Aiming for a global Bioforge network, we focus on decentralized manufacturing, minimal material transport, and enhanced safety for humans and the environment.

In good company


Solugen and ADM, a global leader in sustainable solutions, entered into a strategic partnership to scale Solugen’s current range of bio-based building block molecules in a new 500,000 sf manufacturing facility in Marshall, Minnesota. The companies also plan to collaborate on commercialization opportunities of these products in new and emerging markets.

Sasol Chemicals

Solugen and Sasol Chemicals announced an agreement to explore commercialization of Solugen’s proprietary products, blends and derivatives in Sasol Chemicals’ household, personal care, and industrial and institutional cleaning surfactant formulations, initially focusing on chelating agents.