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Co-Creating Molecules for Sustainable Business

Join the Molecular Revolution

Solugen has pioneered a future-proof, planet-positive process for manufacturing life’s essential materials. Our commitment to innovation not only sets us apart, but allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the chemical industry. Thriving on the challenge of delivering the best, we continually evolve to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Ways to Partner
With Us

The Chemicals of Today


We’ll meet you where you are by supplying you with the chemicals you are already using. This allows us to better understand your needs and explore opportunities for collaboration. We have exclusive distribution agreements in place for a range of products including peroxides, citrates, and more.

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Bioforge Products Today

Explore our line of high-performing, cost-competitive, sustainable solutions. Whether you are currently using a similar product from another source or seeking a better substitute, Solugen’s solutions can meet your unique needs. Our team is also actively seeking to collaborate on custom formulations or developing new applications.

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The Chemicals of Tomorrow

New Molecule Development

Embark on a long-term partnership where we work hand in hand to co-create and develop new molecules. From glycols and nylons to amines and beyond, our collaborative approach ensures the innovation of cutting-edge solutions that align with your goals and contribute to a sustainable future.

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01 Commercial

We start with a commercial discussion to understand your long-term business goals. What market trends are affecting you? How will your product development evolve and transform? Could a collaboration between our two organizations be a win-win? Together, we discuss and define a shared north star that could benefit both sides.

02 Technical

With a project goal aligned, it’s time for our technical minds to come together. Let’s discuss how we could bring new technology to light combining our process and your application.

03 Agreement

Let’s put it all together. With a shared business goal defined and technical feasibility understood, we can define the commercial agreement that benefits both organizations.

04 Execution

We successfully execute the project and launch a new, innovative product.

The Advantages

Decarbonize Without Compromise

When you work with Solugen, you get a diverse team spanning R&D, applications, and commercial expertise. Our team has extensive background in molecular development and industrial applications, meaning we’re highly capable of understanding your technical and business needs as you decarbonize.

Solugen’s R&D model seamlessly integrates science, engineering, and product development, accelerating the creation of innovative solutions. Our startup mentality allows for flexible resource allocation, iterative collaboration, and constant testing to ensure rapid progress and continual improvement of products.

The efficiency of our Bioforge platforms significantly lowers CapEx and operational costs versus petrochemical and fermentation pathways. Our advanced enzyme engineering and separation techniques give us unparalleled yields of over 90%, enabling cost-competitive products for our customers.

Solugen’s products seamlessly integrate into your existing applications, meaning there is no disruption to your product’s performance. Whether replacing, enhancing, or creating, our bio-based innovations deliver exceptional results without sacrificing efficiency.

Our scalable process improves our climate well beyond the production facility. Achieving carbon-negative or carbon-neutral emissions, we focus on decentralized manufacturing, minimizing material transport, and enhanced safety for humans and the environment.

In Good Company

At Solugen, we are driven by a relentless commitment to our customers' success. By understanding their pain points and delivering innovative solutions, we not only solve problems but also create lasting value.”

Tom Richardson
Chief Commercial Officer
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