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Reimagining water treatment solutions today

Treating water for use and reuse can be a complex and costly process with challenges of toxic materials, supply reliability, and escalating costs.

Our AcquaCore™ line of bio-based chemicals addresses technical problems such as the effects of trace metal ions (Fe+3 and Cu+2) in the control of calcium phosphate scale, copper-induced pitting and corrosion while enabling low phosphorus water treatment programs and formula optimization.

It’s cost-effective and locally produced scale, corrosion, and microbial control without toxins or carcinogens. 

Solutions For

Cooling Towers

Using AcquaCore™ additives for commercial cooling tower applications supports the development of effective cooling water formulations with better environmental profile.  Some of the key benefits include:

Corrosion Inhibition

  • Mitigates localized galvanic corrosion of mild steel due to copper redeposition
  • Improves performance of standard azoles in the presence of halogens and soluble copper
  • Inhibits white rust of galvanized steel
  • Inhibits aluminum corrosion
  • Contributes to carbon steel corrosion inhibition

Scale Inhibiton

  • Reduces trace ion poisoning of calcium phosphate inhibitors
  • Contributes to CaCO₃ inhibition by phosphonates

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