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An Innovative Process Bypassing Today’s Limitations

The chemical industry touches every corner of the economy and plays a critical role in shaping modern life.

It is also one of the world’s most carbon-intensive sectors, emitting a staggering 3 billion metric tons of CO2e annually and contributing 5-6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental challenges, regulatory shifts, and changing consumer preferences underscore the need for transformative change in the way we manufacture life’s essential materials.

The Bioforge Advantage

Solugen has revolutionized chemical manufacturing by leveraging a first-of-its-kind chemienzymatic process to convert bio-based feedstock directly into its intended product. A successful path to decarbonization hinges on rethinking key aspects of the manufacturing process.

The Path to Decarbonization

The Path to Decarbonization

Circular Feedstocks

Simple, abundant, and inexpensive bio-based feedstocks like biomass, water, and compressed air are converted into valuable products.

Efficient Processes

By iterating advanced reaction technologies with modern separations techniques, we achieve high yields with low energy input, minimal emissions, and no hazardous waste. This leads to a significant reduction in capital investment, equipment size, and operational footprint compared to traditional plants.

Local Supply Chains

This modular and highly efficient process can be built and adapted faster, allowing us to deploy a network of plants rapidly and cost-effectively worldwide. This approach decentralizes manufacturing, minimizes the transport of materials, and creates safer conditions for humans and the environment.

Manufactured in the USA

With established capacity in Texas and expansions in Minnesota, Solugen is creating a domestic bioeconomy with local security of supply.

A Bioforge in Every City

We envision a future where a Bioforge is built in every city, and where the chemicals that we use every day play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and well-being of all living things.

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