From regulating auto emissions to banning the use of DDT, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has consistently led initiatives to enhance the safety of the United States for both its people and the environment. Last month, Solugen’s revolutionary Bioforge technology snagged the EPA’s prestigious Synthetic Pathways Award during the 2023 Green Chemistry Challenge.

These awards recognize technologies that design chemical products and processes to minimize or eliminate hazardous substances, addressing critical environmental challenges like climate change and fostering economic development. An independent panel of technical experts from the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute evaluates submissions, with the winners celebrated at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Solugen’s Bioforge was touted as a game-changer in chemical manufacturing by seamlessly combining the safety and complex synthesis capabilities of fermentative routes with the high productivity, selectivity, and pH tolerance of metal catalysts. As part of the evaluation process, a comprehensive life cycle analysis was reviewed that underscores the impact compared to conventional facilities.

  • By decoupling enzyme production from reactions, the Bioforge empowers enzymes to operate at various temperatures and neutral pH levels, surpassing the limitations of fermentation.
  • The metal catalysts achieve over 90 percent carbon yield and selectivity.
  • Integrated mechanical vapor recompression technology, exclusively powered by wind energy, replaces traditional natural gas-powered evaporators in the final step.
  • This forward-thinking process not only increases efficiency but also reduces CO2 emissions and eliminates wastewater compared to incumbent technologies.

This recognition underscores Solugen’s tireless dedication to decarbonizing the chemical industry but also marks a significant milestone in our mission to shape a cleaner, greener future. We see the Bioforge as a catalyst for change, contributing to a world where the synthesis of essential materials seamlessly aligns with environmental stewardship.

For additional information on the 2023 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards and to explore other winners, visit the EPA’s official announcement.