Gaurab Chakrabarti and Sean Hunt, the visionary co-founders of Solugen, have been recognized as Entrepreneur of The Year 2023 National Award winners by EY. Their journey, sparked by a chance conversation at a med school poker game, has evolved into a transformative force in the chemicals manufacturing industry.

The Entrepreneur of The Year was created to honor audacious entrepreneurs who dare to reimagine what’s possible and develop products and solutions that disrupt markets, revolutionize industries, and transform lives. Winners were selected from a pool of 224 regional awardees from 197 companies across the US. Now in its 37th year, it is celebrated as one of the most respected business award programs in the world.

“Solugen is a textbook startup launched by two partners with $10,000 in seed money that is revolutionizing the chemical refining industry. The innovation-driven company is tackling impactful, life-changing issues important to the planet.”

Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Judges

Solugen’s revolutionary Bioforge technology leverages a first-of-its-kind combination of engineered enzymes and metal catalysts to transform sustainable agricultural feedstock to essential materials traditionally made from fossil fuels. The highly efficient process produces little to no waste and emissions while achieving significantly higher yields compared to traditional petrochemical refineries.

While Gaurab and Sean may have started as a scrappy duo, they have attracted a world-class team of over 230 scientists, engineers, and innovators to take on the bold mission of decarbonizing of the physical world.

“This recognition is not just an honor for us as entrepreneurs; it’s a testament to the passion, dedication, and brilliance of our entire team. They are the driving force behind Solugen’s incredible story, and we are extremely proud and thankful.”

Gaurab and Sean, Founders

Congratulations to Gaurab and Sean on this well-deserved honor. Their dedication to innovation and sustainability is not only reshaping the industry but also contributing to a better, more environmentally conscious future.

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