Is the rise in temperature because it’s summer, or is it just your mayo? Your mayonnaise might be giving you a sunburn. 

The EPA has found that EDTA in certain products is having a detrimental impact on the environment and poses a risk to human health. Avoid exposure to the chemical by switching back to clean and organic mayo. Such products are just as tasty!

EDTA stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and it is a synthetic chelating agent that has been used in food packaging since the 1940s. It’s primarily used to prevent mineral ions from leaching into liquids and inhibit rancidity in fats and oils.

EDTA is an emulsifier, which means it binds together different liquids that don’t usually mix – like oil and vinegar. In this case, EDTA is used to make your mayonnaise nice and thick so it doesn’t slide off a sandwich.

EDTA is great for mayo-lovers because they get to enjoy their favorite condiment without worrying about making a mess. But what are the downsides?

The downside is that when you buy bottled mayo from the store, you’re not just getting delicious mayonnaise – you’re also buying a chemical that was added to the recipe. 

The US Food and Drug Administration has deemed EDTA safe for use in foods. But recent research has found that EDTA can react with certain minerals found in water or soil to form potent greenhouse gases— including nitrous oxide and nitric oxide— which are more dangerous than CO2.

The effects of climate change on the planet have already been catastrophic, and are expected to worsen. Matt Palmer via Unsplash

One study found that EDTA binds to dissolved organic matter and forms insoluble compounds which are resistant to natural degradation processes such as sunlight. 

This means EDTA enters our environment for a long time without breaking down and releasing its toxic ingredients back into the environment.

Making changes in personal lifestyle (e.g. buying biodiesel, using reusable bags) can make a difference in preserving the earth’s resources but sometimes more drastic measures are necessary. For example, what if we stopped eating mayonnaise? 

If we want to save the earth from global warming, the first step is a shift in our diets!

​​The current environmental issue of climate change is a concern for the future. As the earth continues to heat up, we will see more natural disasters and severe weather.

The earth has already warmed by and this will only continue to increase in the future if it isn’t resolved quickly. Share with us positive ways to preserve the earth. What solutions do you have? Let’s solve this problem together!