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We decarbonize the physical world

Introducing a new way to manufacture life’s essential materials

The world’s first sustainable molecule factory

The Bioforge is not your typical chemical plant. It combines computationally engineered enzymes and metal catalysis to convert plant-derived substances into the building blocks of everyday life—all with minimal emissions and waste.

The Bioforge Advantage
  • 1Sustainable Feedstocks
  • 2Efficient Processes
  • 3Local Supply Chains
Metal Catalysis
After the enzyme oxidation reactor, our engineered metal catalysts convert the material into a near final product, with higher selectivity, higher conversion, and lower temperatures than traditional processes.
Metal Catalysis
The Bioforge can be built anywhere at speed and scale—decentralizing manufacturing and creating safer conditions for both humans and the Earth.
Engineered Enzymes
Sustainable feedstocks are fed into our cell-free enzyme oxidation reactor, which begins the highly efficient conversion process with low energy input.
Engineered Enzymes
1 ton of product is made for every 1 ton of feedstock. The only downstream steps involve an evaporator to remove water and a crystallizer to create a solid final product.

Bringing high performing, cost competitive, sustainable products to the world.

Solugen manufactures biobased solutions that replace chemicals traditionally made using petroleum or natural gas.

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