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Water Treatment Solutions

Transforming water treatment from the core

Solugen has developed a new class of bio-based chemicals that can address technical challenges such as the effects of trace metal ions (Fe+3 and Cu+2) in the control of calcium phosphate scale, copper-induced pitting and corrosion while enabling low phosphorus water treatment programs and formula optimization.

Introducing AcquaCore™ 50 & AcquaCore™ 60

AcquaCore™ Series

Multipurpose technologies addressing key challenges in water treatment: performance and greenhouse emissions.

AcquaCore 50 & AcquaCore 60 are multifunctional bio-based additives to effectively control calcium phosphate scale and to improve mild steel and yellow metal corrosion protection.

AcquaCore 50 has lower pH for acidic blends. This can be of help to increase the solubility of azoles in acid industrial water treatment formulations.



  • Mitigation of localized galvanic corrosion of mild steel due to copper redeposition
  • Improvement of the performance of standard azoles in the presence of halogens and soluble copper
  • Inhibition of white rust of galvanized steel
  • Inhibition of aluminum corrosion
  • Contribution to carbon steel corrosion inhibition

Scale Inhibiton

  • Reduction of trace ion poisoning of calcium phosphate inhibitors
  • Contribution to CaCO3 inhibition by phosphonates
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