We move fast at Solugen. Our Bioforge went from a concept to a fully realized biomanufacturing facility in two years. Production of our bio-based solutions scaled from milliliters to millions of gallons in five years. We are constantly seeking ways to grow because the climate crisis requires speed. We have a fundamental problem to solve, and only a finite amount of time to do it.

Solugen’s brand and website launched in 2021. And while it remains true to our core values and mission as a company, it needed to keep pace with the rapid growth we’ve experienced since then. This year, our founders reminisced on our progress to date and looked at the big picture of what comes next. The scope of our mission has expanded, our vision for the future is clearer than ever, and our technology has reached critical scale. This effort has translated into many aspects of our content over the last year, including the Bioforge 2050 campaign, a video of recounting Solugen’s founding story over a game of poker, and now a reimagined web presence.

Today, we are thrilled to launch a new homepage featuring innovative mediums of imagery, design, and interactivity that amplify Solugen’s purpose in this next stage of growth. Many of our branding elements remain the same but have been elevated to emphasize key themes:

A new mission statement: Our Bioforge platform has the potential to change everything we touch by creating an entirely new way to manufacture life’s essential materials. While it’s true that our technology is revolutionizing the chemicals industry, our new statement allows us to think bigger—and it’s now front and center.

Bioforge as the heart of our innovation: Solugen is bringing high performing, cost competitive, sustainable products to the world. These products are sold directly or as a formulated blend to fit the diverse needs of our customers in a wide range of markets. But what truly differentiates Solugen from other chemical manufacturers is our highly efficient, first-of-its-kind, technology platform. A simplified rendering of the Bioforge by CGI artist Pedro Veneziano highlights the core elements underpinning our process of converting sustainable agriculture feedstock to a low-carbon or carbon negative product. We plan to continue more insights from our world-class team into what makes our technology work as we build out the rest of the website.

A focus on the molecular: We aspire to catalyze planet-scale change, yet it’s the unsung heroes—enzymes, cells, and chemistry—that power our technology. Our narrative embraces impactful imagery, capturing the essence of the microscopic world as profoundly as the grand macroscopic view. The key to reversing climate change lies in the molecular realm and the everyday materials that shape our world.

And this is just the beginning! Over the next few months we will continue to work with thoughtful design and web development partners at Landscape to bring this vision to life across the entirety of our website.

We are in many ways still the same company, but this gives us the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves.

We’re Solugen. At the heart of our innovation is the world’s first sustainable molecule factory—the Bioforge. We are on a mission to decarbonize the physical world.