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Enhancing metal treatment quality, safety, and efficiency

Although phosphorus-based additives are commonly used in metal treatment, they create many challenges. Issues like foaming, compromised worker safety, decreased productivity, and negative environmental impacts all occur in anti-staining, anti-corrosion, and surface cleaning applications. Solugen’s organic acid-based additives offer phosphorus-free solutions across multiple applications. They enable time and cost savings while creating a safer working environment, alleviate regulatory burdens, and provide a higher quality surface for use. 


  • Cost-performance competitive to incumbent technologies

  • Improves productivity and worker safety

  • Reduces environmental impact by lowering discharge water toxicity and downstream treatment

  • Manufactured in the USA  


Aluminum Anti-Staining

Aluminum staining is detrimental because it can lead to aesthetic degradation, reduced functionality, and potential contamination in applications requiring high purity and cleanliness. Phosphate esters (PE), which are commonly used anti-staining additives, are not always effective in hard water and tend to cause foaming. Anti-foaming additives solve the problem, but these increase formulation cost. Solugen additives, when used alone or in combination with PEs, can help prevent aluminum staining across a wide range of hard waters without foaming, hazing, or precipitation. 


  • Reduces total cost of formulation without compromising performance

  • Improves hardness control, enabling less staining and precipitation

  • Provides flexibility for use across a wide range of hard waters with no adverse effects

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